Tuesday, December 06, 2005

To learn or not to learn..

That is the question. As a English literature student I was genuinely excited
for the moment i could sign up for Latin 101. Learning Latin not only was a personal
joy aspect in my life, I’ve always deemed it to be an important element in my education as a writer and teacher. But the truth dawned lately that Latin courses have been canceled in the JU. For mysterious reasons being the smurf that I am, I’ve decided to check with the faculty's administration in regards to this action. Latin not only is essential for English Literature and Language but also is to every single double major in the faculty e.g.: Spanish/English, Italian/English. And as i type now, %90 of what am writing is derived or borrowed from Latin.
So why Latin is canceled? We obviously don't have an instructor anymore, and demand for Latin courses have diminished throughout the years that the faculty head decided to cancel it. Now that's a shame, especially for a growing university like ours.
So, the solution: self-learning. I went to borrow a couple of Latin books from the JU library; and i couldn't resist scolding the staff there. The book i had in my hand was published in 1919, an ancient book; if i didn't know better i would have said that Julius Caesar dropped by and gave it to the library. The ancient books on that shelf were dusty and scattered. Now, as much as i love the fact the i found good books to learn from; i believe those books belong behind glass. Because such ancient books not only are part of our history, they are an integral part of the library's treasures in which should be displayed. I care for books more than anything in my life, and I’ve learnt to protect them better than i would have protected myself. So i know, when i borrow such a book i make sure it is safe and cleaned. But on the other hand, you can not guarantee others will be as careful as i am. And maybe those bored jaywalkers in the aisles would flip the pages careless while sending a message to their awaited loud friend to arrive. Some books ought to be removed and kept safe.
The other issue am gonna discuss today and it is related to books. This obnoxious epidemic the JU students have: they sit on their books. They use their books as a safety mat for their precious jeans and pants. How many people in the civilized world would you see sitting on a book, jeopardizing its cover; leaving it prone to damage, stains or even tearing.
I've been pondering for a couple of months, what would get people interested in books again. With each new generation in our society, the passion of books seems to diminish. And speaking of passion, i am placing a poll for what should the book club be called. We are in our final stages of organizing and deciding the mechanism of the book club. For any people interested in joining, please contact me at: aminozawawi@hotmail.com
If you would like to receive more information about the club, please check the section am gonna be adding in the next couple of days containing all he crucial details.


Blogger Dar said...

maybe 5alas , its time to give up latin :P , it has been a long time since they were refering to it , for us in medicine we have those weird terms, that we need to know latin to know what do they mean for eg. schizophrenia = schizo + phrenia that equales split mind ........ huh ! so maybe that was the point that will be marked as the Latin Language Vanishing Point , lol :)
Cheerz !

7:52 AM  
Blogger Omernos said...

Amino, I think you're totally right about the books thing. It irritates me, esepcailly when guys do it! Law tshoofi el library hoan! hew hew hew, its like a sacred place! LOL

Anyway, Maa-ey name is COCO. Me from Japan, me want bookcrub. Prease. I would rove to join!

*omar, go read some books first*
*okay okay, no need to slander it*
*you're such a jerk!*
*Good to know*

that's schizophrenia! hehehehe

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Amman Mom said...

Two of my children (high school age) are taking an online Latin course. My other two children (younger) are learning Latin as well. Perhaps the curriculums we are using could be of assistance to you.

Amman Mom

7:44 PM  
Blogger nasimjo© said...

((To Learn or not to learn))
aham ... "a growing university like ours"?! UJ "a growing university"?!! it has growed and finished! now its aching, later suffering!? Ding !!! Who knows? unless its rescued and given the magical medicine in administration!

Amino, this is the case of all the Gov Unis around Jordan, The start rabish, they get a Golden era Growing ... and finally start aching and suffering!

It is that University Presidents in Gov Unis now hold 90% of the power! even if you would have to do a scientific activity in the uni, u need to present it to your dean who will FWD it to the president his self , who might remember that he must sign it a coupla days before your event! (Mostly without even reading the proposal if its in English and/or out of his specialization!)!

Same thing happens with Drs and profs who are capable and suffer from this way in presenting the best to their students,,,, they end up with a precious offer from a private Uni, maybe as double as they get in a Gov one, where he'll be more satisfied and have more freedom in his academic and teaching activities!

Of course he wouldnt love to go to a private uni where students are careless there for most of his efforts, so he'll propose a change to the his Gov Uni administration,a lil' bit more cooperation and 100 JD + might make him refuse the Private Uni's offer... but the Uni will insist that it can bring a Masters Instructor to teach instead of him with 600 JDs without an instructor contract.

The Dr "Kicked" from the Gov Uni.
A Masters Instructor is giving the course instead, though he have "an employee" contract not an instructor's, and maybe he is not even specialized in that course!
Students... still keeping their Asses over their books!

I sware to God that when I entered the Uni on 2002 Students werent setting their asses on their books but on a piece of paper!
I dunno but,,,, The last 2 groups of students are mostly not University Students for me, but cheaters and liers on their Lifes, Friends and Parent's Money!

12:47 AM  
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