Friday, December 09, 2005

So you wanna be a swan?

Strip naked and go to the lake. Unusually, yesterday, i sat down to watch my favorite shows and one of those being Point Pleasant, was later on, and i watched the rerun of
a Fox show called "The Swan". Now, i don't know if any of you have watched it before,
but i did all throughout the course of an hour with a raised brow and big exclamation
mark as my aura.
The show's synopsis: a group of diverse woman come to the show feeling unloved and crashed by their low self esteem and apparently the answer to all that is Plastic surgery. Yes, they feel ugly and invisible... some because of their weight or their huge nose or even their sagging tummy. They are helped by a group of "Specialists" mainly plastic surgeons, dentist, and a shrink. They get it all free, along with a chance to be in a beauty pageant in which only one women would be crowned The Swan.

Now, correct me if i am wrong, i do not recall the Ugly Duckling tale as this. To fresh everyone's memory, click here to read the original tale. The ugly duckling didn't become a Swan because she was assisted by Plastic Surgeons and Davinci veneers. She became a swan because she was born one. We associate beauty to this white, graceful, feathered bird. Why? Because we were taught to do so, we were taught to believe that thin people look better than overweight. What supports my theory? Back in the old days, a plump woman was all our Arabic poets wrote for, and a thin women would be considered incomplete. Ahh! The irony, which brings me back to this subject.Even if they change her face and body, maybe she'll gain confidence, but am sure if she can't change that nagging feeling of the ugly duckling she'll never be a Swan. No matter how white she is.

Sexiness, gracefulness, beauty all shine from inside. It is a typical thing to say, but if you are uncomfortable in your current state, a lot a procedures could help you. Dieting, Yoga, Exercise, taking on new hobbies, joining self esteem support
groups. You do not need a plastic face staring back at you to be beautiful.
The question is.. so you wanna be beautiful? What makes you think that beautiful woman are happy? You see beauty is a variable thing, and i believe powerful people get the good things in life, if you label yourself as an ugly duckling, no mask or silicon in the whole world could change that in you.

Now Fox claims they have a shrink working on their problems, but the fact is if you watch carefully, that shrink is merely non existent in those journals compared to the plastic surgeons. As much as i love to think our youth is going to be a bright
generation, i see the obsession with beauty more evident that before. Teenagers now
are seeking to perform plastic surgeries to look like Jessica Simpson or Shakira.
Some of them are diagnosed with Anorexia thanks to the false Photoshop images of
models on magazine covers. You see they do not place a warning: caution nobody looks
like this in reality. They are pulling our youth to a dead end, a shallow fatal one.
So you wanna be a Swan? I hope to god this is a rhetorical question, because if it
wasn't, I’d be disappointed to realize many people can not differentiate between the
real world and a first grade fairytale.


Anonymous Khalidah said...

I really loved your post .. it related to our current reality more than 100%

People are talking about dieting for beauty not for health .. beauty is being thin like a model and shiny like a movie star .. how and when did we become so shallow

No, I don't want to be a swan .. I am content with myself .. it took me some time to accept me as I am .. but I did and I am not going back .. not for anyone or anything in the world

3:12 PM  
Blogger Curtis said...

For the record, there is a huge faction here in the States that HATE those shows for all the same reasons.

Reality TV is not reality and I hope you folks don't think we all think that way over here.


7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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