Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Registration Festival in the JU

To begin your worst nightmare press F5...

To be stuck in a boring lecture press F7

To confirm selling your soul to the devil in exchange for a pass with an impossible
professor press F8

To clear your university records and head to the nearest industry press F9

To exit this nightmare and go back to the Adab Street and gossip with your friends(in
your small perfect world) press F10

To withdraw from a subject your friends warned you that's not an easy A press F12

I just love December: Christmas, my birthday, snow, and New Year's Eve. Well, let us elaborate on my perfect December, it's almost mid December and it's not raining. I've lost my sense of Christmas since i joined the JU. New Year's Eve is gonna a total movie night, unless i wish to get myself killed with a possible bombing threat. And am not as excited to enter the Adulthood; sweet sixteen wasn't even better so.. all those overestimated milestones are crap to me.

The highlight of this December however, is my first registration. Known as the "Al tasjeel al modamer", "Youm el raked - since u gotta unlock some classes and get
signed papers", "Stress Day", "Time-to-reconsider-your-options-in-a-decent-life Day".
The registration has been postponed to further notice; due to mysterious reasons
(a.k.a computers crashed as usual). The thing that amuses me the most, is how everybody hates the registration yet no one is planning to do something about it. The students should definitely demand a better system of registration, and this whole
"sign-the-papers-from-the-dean" is... well.... no comment!!


Blogger Nader said...

This sucking system is heaven.
If you came 3 years ago, you would've literally crashed at the registration Window (ino glass) Manual stuff
I just, ahahhhhh 3ala JU :D

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Amer said...

I'm quite sure that computer engineering and IT students can easily design much better registration system..
If the university administration allows them to start such a design, they are ready to do it (maybe for free)!
It's not 'no one is planning to do something about it'. All students are sick of this system, but it's UJ that complicates it up!

Ironically, other universities (in Jordan) have much more user-friendly systems.. Students can easily register even from their homes...
Why not UJ????

12:49 PM  
Blogger Roba said...

That's absolutely hilarious! I was totally gonna write about this yesterday, thanks for saying whats on my mind!
God, I hate them!!! And you know, you're having it wayyyy easy. When I first joined JU, registration was a freak circus, and it wasn't automated yet. I'm one of those cold, emotionless people, and yet I would start crying every tasjeel! When I was a Sanfoora I started a countdown till my last registration.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous kloude said...

so to the point and bulls eye with the trueth!! my god how horrid this country is...bleh *sticks tongue out at JU and this country and thinks seriously of staking it*....*raises eyebrow* are you laughing yet amino???

12:43 PM  
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