Thursday, November 10, 2005

Terrorism is not my option

I've been lurking around watching Amman for the past couple of weeks,
traveling from spot to spot, writing about it.. and promised myself am not going to post until that beautiful surprise piece is over. But the news of yesterday has brought me here dumbfounded, unable to believe that my bubble of security and stability has been popped by the fingers of dynamite. A lot of people are sitting in front of their tvs, glued to their screens waiting
to hear a name: but we shall not hear a name. We hear a ghost they glue every single act to "Al-Qaida".
You may ask, why do i call them a "ghost". The bombings of the two towers, Madrid, Egypt, and many others... what do they all have in common. "Al-Qaida claims X attacks."
They are a ghost to me, because the world chose for it to be that way, invisible yet scares the shit out of people, wandering around the earth with unfinished business. Their "unfinished business" is to redeem whatever they believe in with murder and fear. If they call what they are doing: Islam, then we can say Humans live on Mars. I am not here to point fingers, i am enraged as usual with the bombings, but perhaps this time even more because it is in the very same capital where i was born. I am here speaking in the voice of the young generation, those who should not be tempted into such crazy cults. I ask the United Nations and those G8 countries to find the cause of this misery. To pull out its roots from the ground, what is the perecentage of Al-Qaida compared to the earth's population. I do not care about those millions the world is spending on cosmetics and fashion, and this money could have been employed for a better cause: AIDS, World Hunger, and now enrooting Al Qaida.
I do not have a microphone or a TV camera in front of me. I do not have bombs or guns, but am here as a young person who stumps his feet in the ground and screams "I claim the right to live peacefully. I claim the right to stand up high and say blame is not my solution, killing is not my thing."

We should all stand up united, young and old, and say "Terrorism is not my
option. And now i claim the right to live."


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