Friday, October 07, 2005

Smurf is back...

Ah! The weekend, this word is like music to my ears. Sheesh, it's been long since i posted. My life has been a mess, basically because am "adapting" to a new environment aka JU. Where islamists want to show you the light, satanics want you to join the cult, cool people sit at the back and people who forgot their glasses sit in the front. Sounds typical so far? Oh yeah! Well, my first week at the JU seemed to be shocking to some, basically because i enjoyed my time. Most kiddos suffer on their first semester, new friends, new places, you get lost and found (eventually). Well, being the social fiend i am, i got to know most of the Adab people on my
first week. My friends were kinda shocked, for two reasons:
a) I seem to be in a jolly mood.
b) Am over-friendly.

Why is that i changed? I don't know, they say university changes people. Or maybe it's because when i was in school it was different. A limited number of people to adapt to, to be friends with, whether you like them or not. Compared to the 30,000 students in the university, hell yeah am gonna change. I mean, the whole process is amazing, meeting new people that intrigue you.Getting to know what they like, and what they don't, their siblings and their odd hobbies ranging from: shooting empty beer bottles, collecting dead insects, watching the commercial channel, and watching silent movies. I mean your friends that you lived with for twelve years never seize to amaze you from time to time. But this is different, it's a whole new building process: impressions, experiences, laughter, anger. I have my friends asking me "Amino, where the hell do you go in the breaks?"

Where the hell don't i go in the breaks you mean! The university is like a treasure hunt for me, getting to know every corner, secret places, secret societies (yes they do exist), and joining events (except for the Smurf Gathering thing). The thing is, most of my friends now are sticking together, calling up each other to meet; basically afraid to be alone. But who can blame them? It's a new place, but for me i think it's better to be alone, not to stick with your circle of friends, otherwise how will you meet new people?

For some whose athletic like me, you can guess where i spend most of my time: the gym (the infamous gym that most smurfs pout when i tell them it exists). Basketball... running on the
track... reading on the benches... or even laughing my ass off in the changing rooms (where you'll meet girls who are in the "Reyada" but look like they're going to a party). Ohh.. loads of stuff to tell, but i don't know how to organize my thoughts.

On my second week, i had my share of basic smurf shock: assignments. Yes, the big ugly A, three reports to be delivered in 2 days about a Chimp named Koko, Animal cognition, and Sabaweeh (flash news:that's the Persian guy who put the arabic language on track, yep he's Persian not arabic).

I worked my ass off to research, summarize, and write an essay about. I came to thy cluttered lecture to discover every single person has copied and pasted the info on the net. Hellooo? Plagiarism? Was i the only one who was taught you do not copy other people's work. Well, the professor kinda warned them in a nice way, but i was intrigued that most of us are not taught how to write a research the right way (of course that was a must in the IG).

My other share of B.S.S (Basic Smurf Shock)... the friendliness you're treated with at the library, think again, they're the rudest unhelpful people on planet earth. You ask them for help, they mock you, they snigger as they watch your smurf butt suffer trying to understand the idiotic classification system.

Well, that's it people. I am sorry for this disoriented dysfunctional post, will post later on. After am done with the linguistics chapters...

P.S: Happy Ramadan to all..


Anonymous hareega said...

Welcome to the real world

4:22 AM  
Blogger Curtis said...

Isn’t Koko a gorilla?

I love reading your posts, I always feel like I’m in such a cultural cocoon here in the states, even though where I live truly is a melting pot.

The cool thing about my job though is that I work at a music conservatory that attracts students from around the world so I get a little taste of everywhere.

Stay cool!

11:51 AM  
Blogger Omernos said...

*weird noise*

empty beer bottles? silent movies? commercial channels? meen hadol? in ur head wella 3anjadd? LOL

anyway, U're enjoying ur time...sa7 waleh? hehehe


8:42 AM  

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