Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chronicles of a very gullible smurf....

Now, that would be cool right? And the pic posted expresses our utmost zest and enthusiasm being the smurfs we are. On second thought, nah it's not. Being a JU smurf isn't
exactly the best situation you could be stuck in. Why?

Bare my attitude, and read my story.

So i go to the Al Hasan Bin Talal Hall, holding my official paperwork, and am met by a very
friendly student guide who hands me this "Gift". And i am shocked, what gift could they
grant us?

And here am gonna ask you to visit Robz's post here. The student handbook and map are a
"gift". Wait, i thought they were obliged to provide us with such stuff when we first
applied. Oh never mind that. The pen doesn't work, and the map is wrong, and the caricature
inside the booklet is basically well "Vulgar". Why vulgar? We have such a beautiful
language, and instead we use common slang that basically made me feel well.. pissed. Cause
let me say it in their common slang - 3am ibtestahbeloni? I mean, it is kinda of funny if
you're in a good mood. But maybe it's not that funny when you stand in line to get a piece
of paper that says what subjects do you have. Followed by a visit to your Academic Advisor
who is sitting in open space surrounded by hordes of people, and asks you to pick a subject
besides the other three. I stood there "What?"

I didn't know what the hell am doing, and why the hell there isn't a single elective in
there that is related to my field of study. And when i tried to ask, well there are
gagllion of gals pushing me into the wall. We have absolutely no sense of line,
organization, and our life is a perfect example of El 7esbeh.

We are poor gullible smurfs that do not need jokes and funny caricatures in our student
booklet. Rather than a simple explanation of what we're doing. A girl in line asked me
"Listen, so am gonna be taking those 3 subjects for the rest of the four years?"

Imagine, how naive we are when it comes well to our first year. The student handbook should
have been given to us beforehand, not during the registration. It is a wonderful
initiative, the "gift", and the guides and the unusual friendliness we were treated with.
However, we are not satisfied, because we are small blue creatures that can not understand
the university system on our own. We are not satisfied, because our blue skin becomes very
itchy when we have to perform everything we don't know in a rush. And our small white tiny
feet hurt when 4th years send with false directions to the Southern Gates. So here is a
post from a poor gullible smurf, I can't wait to start the uni courses - where of course
my smurfness will gradually vanish by trial and error.


Blogger Roba said...

Ya 7aram Amino... Bas seriously, you are lucky. At least tasjeel is automated now. Before it was, wallahi I'd go home crying every time.And I never cry. It's just aweful.. they treat you like an insect..
Bas anyway, apart from the ta'7bees ili bi il tasjeel, JU isn't bad at all. I actually enjoy it. You learn a lot min il nas il7awaleiki cause you will never deal with such a diverse amount of people in your social circle..
Being a sanfoora isn't really the best experience.. I was lucky because my department is young and we were only the 2nd dof3a, so there was no bullying. What did you end up sajeling?
If you need anything, please do let me know. Minjame3lek sheleh o mne3mel tosheh :P

4:34 PM  
Blogger nasimjo¬© said...

hehe ...
Roba CEO of the Gang;)

Aminoooo.. Yeah most of the uni reg employees treat new students as if this would be there 3rd or 4th time they enter a Uni..i rmmbr my days of registration spinning around to know what is it all about this system with credit hours..I found a nice employee at the registation that explained me everything clearly after many others failed...

to Be honest with u...the sanfara year is the most exciting & interesting year during the Uni 4-5 years of studying... after that u wont have time to scratch neither your head nor your mind ;)

& Robzzzz diri balek 3ala amino... hai THARWE WATANIE :)

12:14 AM  
Blogger Amino said...

Roba - hehe we're getting luckier and luckier as time passes by. Umm, actually i was pissed, cause am the kind of person who hates doing stuff in a rush without checking everything is alright, and oh well u know the 7esbeh system we have in jordan. YAY toshesh tosheh :D Well my courses are basically loads of bull, something called Tathawoq Adabi, and Fan el Ketabeh Wel ta3beer. and ummm Mad5al ela al lo3'aweyat, i was dumbfounded when they gave me the schedule cause i expected it would be in english! LOL! And i took a Fundamentals Of Psychology elective... which is basically the only lecture i have out of the Languages complex!! You should see my schedule it's hilarious 8-5!! with huge breaks!

Nasim-Well, i asked one of the officials and she basically shoved me outta of her way. I read the handbook however, so got the point finally. Awww Tharwe watanie LOL!! u should have seen

2:10 AM  
Blogger nasimjo¬© said...

u'll be seeing loads of such a person in your way not wanting you in theirs :P

The only way to get rid of such things is to have a strong community of students who care about General Business for the benifit of the Major they're in....
This is the way me & my colleagues went ahead now...

our department is one that every1 fears around ;) WASLEEN :)

& about the big me, a messy schedule is a must in the 1st ever sem in Uni...but its cool! try to get the maximum out of it!

5:59 AM  
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