Tuesday, August 09, 2005

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Kissing Syndrome

Another incident of unique "Arabicism"...

Marhaba *kiss*, keefek *kiss on the other cheek*, a5barek *kiss*, ishta2nalek *another kiss on the other cheek.

Seems familiar huh? I can assure you that Arabs are the touchiest, most emotional nation on earth. So what am i talking about? The Kissing Syndrome, in which the Arabic world is plagued with. It's like when guests come over, you don't know what to expect. Some kiss each cheek, some do it twice, and some thrice, and believe it or not some multiples on one cheek and one at the other.

It is funny come to think of it, how each person argues how the greeting procedure could be. Someone like me for example, performs the stretch-your hand-and-stand-back method, basically to avoid the whole kissing viscous cycle. I mean, enough with the kissing already, like sometimes the individual turns when you're kissing... and you're like huh... what next... i mean the kissing cycle is confusing, not to mention makes me sick.

I mean imagine all the germs that are transferred through this process, especially that sometimes a stranger lady comes in to a gathering and i am supposed to kiss her, like "What the?"

I mean you could leave all the "Hello, how are you doing, what's new, missed you" jazz for when you sit down, not as a greeting. To me, i find this whole thing dumbfounding and irritated. I mean did i say Humor Me people? Enough with the kissing already!!


Blogger Hareega said...

I don't know why you're upset, I really wouldn't mind it it if 100 women kiss me everyday :)

5:17 AM  
Blogger Lina said...

Oh Ameeno you think it's an Arab epidemic?!! you should've seen the spanish and venezuelan friends I had; they were very huggy and touchy and wouldn't greet you without multiple kisses :)

5:54 AM  
Blogger Amino said...

Reega reega hareega - well... let's switch it to the way u would be pissed off with - what if 100 men kiss u everyday!! LOL!

Lina - Well, I know!! Mexicans too! But still this epidemic should be wiped out... its a germs feast!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Jad said...

ween mekhtifyeh sarlek osboo3?

9:34 PM  

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