Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Baby Mirror Test

As human beings, I believe from the first moment someone places us in front of a mirror we become addicted to that little kid smiling at us. And believe it or not, we walk around looking for that little kid, one who smiles at us radiantly and passionately, a small look of confusion and amazement in his eyes.

I believe I don't remember my Baby Mirror moment, but I remember seeing my nephew's first one. The way he smiled and tried to touch the mirror endlessly to touch that baby looking at him. Stocked with nostalgia? Not really, I am here to talk about those simple emotions. Being young isn't about Oprah's makeovers, or those anti-aging secrets, or magic pills. The Life Elixir unlikely exists anywhere other than in Harry Potter. But I believe there is a semi elixir out here in this world that only few realize: The sense of Amazement and Wonder. As children, we are amused by almost anything, but as we grow older and get sucked into the whirl of routine we suddenly lose it. Everything becomes monotonous and meaningless by the time we finish college.

Why do some people still have a young heart? Well, they try their best to try new things and endeavor into risky adventures... the kind that alerts your flight-or-fight instinct. We need to maintain that sense of wonder, and provoke amazement weekly in order to survive that whirl.

When was the last time you sat on your chair and spun like there is no tomorrow? When was the last time you shared a pack of M&M's with your friend and discussed what each color gives you at first sight. When was the last time you climbed a tree... ran a mile or wrestled with your sibling. Think young... think fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW this is a really good post...hmmm remind me to buy some m&mms on monday! *jk*

loved it tho


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