Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rock my World!!

Imagine a very quiet Friday night, sitting on the bed, relaxed and perched in happiness for the bestseller in your hand. You touch the smooth cover, slip your fingers around the edges, your eyes watching the art anxiously. With a soft gesture you flip to the first page, skipping the introduction (that most people never read ), and onto the real deal. The author who spent almost a year writing is back home anxious for reviews, like a father waiting for his son's results. All for you to have this magical moment, the moment you first fall in love with his precious baby. The letters are elegant and curvy, like an aristocrat woman, the pages are made from a tree you never met, and probably you'll rock her world if you ever met her, let's just say that couldn't thank you more. Hint: buy the recycled editions. Nonetheless, you're in the mood, ready and ecstatic. The first sentence pushes the surge of "this is totally worth it" feeling. And then.. the unexpected happens (doesn't it always).

BANG BANG BANG - Let me rock your world baby.. let me shatter the very few moments of peace you have. Let me ruin your friday and almost everyday if you're living near families with loads of sons to marry. What am I talking about? Oh.. don't play "Clueless" with me...I loved the series way more than the movie.. but..

Fireworks! Fireworks.. viva la fireworks!! As in let's fix that rocket into the ground (with no instruction manual whatsoever), even if it hits the neighbors roof, what the hell... we're expressing our happiness, no harm.. no pain.. and no gain...

What gain? What do you exactly gain by waking every single child in the neighborhood every 2 hours with fireworks! First it was the rifles and machine guns, (gladly, we didn't reach the bazooka stage). Until, fireworks were made accessible to the public. And the general public met their newest toy available, way after the pokemon and Cassandara skirts rush!

It became a nightly ritual for me, whether it's a wedding in The Palm Village (which obviously has no palms), or it's a celebration for a dude who passed with a 56 average or if it's simply kids playing!!

Why am i so disturbed? Well, for starters I don't like the fact the Amman's sky is screaming "World War III", and i don't like waking at 1 am because someone decided he's too happy to sleep. You're too happy to sleep, put on some headphones along with "La Tortura" or whatever is hip today... and dance yourself into oblivion or sleep that is.

I mean, Enough is Enough! This epidemic is becoming way out of control... you think me and my book should go to hell fine. I mean seriously fine, think of me as the dumb neighbor and as they say it 5odni 3ala gad 3aglati. Show a pinch of altruism that our religions always preached.. rather than shower the girls walking in the streets with catcalls of "Allah yehdiki!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


It's been long. Well i was in the National Results Anxiety Week... yep it's a national stress holiday for all GCE students. Well the good news are, I got A's YAY for me!! That means no more weight gain (i tend to put on weight when am stressed). Well my vacation is about to end, work work work to do. That's all for now!! YAY for me!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Humor Me :: Semi-Weekly Section ::

Kissing Syndrome

Another incident of unique "Arabicism"...

Marhaba *kiss*, keefek *kiss on the other cheek*, a5barek *kiss*, ishta2nalek *another kiss on the other cheek.

Seems familiar huh? I can assure you that Arabs are the touchiest, most emotional nation on earth. So what am i talking about? The Kissing Syndrome, in which the Arabic world is plagued with. It's like when guests come over, you don't know what to expect. Some kiss each cheek, some do it twice, and some thrice, and believe it or not some multiples on one cheek and one at the other.

It is funny come to think of it, how each person argues how the greeting procedure could be. Someone like me for example, performs the stretch-your hand-and-stand-back method, basically to avoid the whole kissing viscous cycle. I mean, enough with the kissing already, like sometimes the individual turns when you're kissing... and you're like huh... what next... i mean the kissing cycle is confusing, not to mention makes me sick.

I mean imagine all the germs that are transferred through this process, especially that sometimes a stranger lady comes in to a gathering and i am supposed to kiss her, like "What the?"

I mean you could leave all the "Hello, how are you doing, what's new, missed you" jazz for when you sit down, not as a greeting. To me, i find this whole thing dumbfounding and irritated. I mean did i say Humor Me people? Enough with the kissing already!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Baby Mirror Test

As human beings, I believe from the first moment someone places us in front of a mirror we become addicted to that little kid smiling at us. And believe it or not, we walk around looking for that little kid, one who smiles at us radiantly and passionately, a small look of confusion and amazement in his eyes.

I believe I don't remember my Baby Mirror moment, but I remember seeing my nephew's first one. The way he smiled and tried to touch the mirror endlessly to touch that baby looking at him. Stocked with nostalgia? Not really, I am here to talk about those simple emotions. Being young isn't about Oprah's makeovers, or those anti-aging secrets, or magic pills. The Life Elixir unlikely exists anywhere other than in Harry Potter. But I believe there is a semi elixir out here in this world that only few realize: The sense of Amazement and Wonder. As children, we are amused by almost anything, but as we grow older and get sucked into the whirl of routine we suddenly lose it. Everything becomes monotonous and meaningless by the time we finish college.

Why do some people still have a young heart? Well, they try their best to try new things and endeavor into risky adventures... the kind that alerts your flight-or-fight instinct. We need to maintain that sense of wonder, and provoke amazement weekly in order to survive that whirl.

When was the last time you sat on your chair and spun like there is no tomorrow? When was the last time you shared a pack of M&M's with your friend and discussed what each color gives you at first sight. When was the last time you climbed a tree... ran a mile or wrestled with your sibling. Think young... think fun.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hola, Salut, Hello, Ciao, Marhaba..

For those guessing that i picked a Modern Languages Major.. this is your lucky day.... because... *tadaaa*
I picked an English Literature & Language major, how did i make up my mind. Well, i imagined myself tired.. and sleepy, stuck in the traffic, having a bad hair day and barely ate breakfast. And then, I thought... what major would you head on to on such a day, and still believe it's totally worth it.
The contestants of course were:

  • Journalism
  • English Translation
  • English And Spanish
  • English And Italian
  • French Language and Literature

So i pondered, and came up with the ultimate test: The Peer Pressure/Society Pressure test.
Am sure you're not familiar with this test, since i've invented it a couple of years ago, but the common name for such a test is "Follow your heart."

Everyone was like: take English Translation... and you know all the jazz. And i said, maybe they're right...and I went there to the Mowazi Registration Office in the Jordanian University (I’ll get back to that later on). And my father absolutely had no idea that I actually didn't make up my mind about my Major. And as i was filling the application, the test came... I held my pen to write: English Language and Translation, and something stopped me. And the voice in my head said: come on why not, everyone seems to think it's good.

And i ended up writing English Literature and Language. I am never confused with my decision making actually, which baffles a lot of people, I just pick either one... and i know my heart in the right time will tell me what to do. A lot may say, this is stupid, but really true... my heart always seems to lead my decision making. The heart orders and the mind later on makes his best in that decision...

So... you're thinking: "Whoaa, Amino is super zealous today, with all the positive energy."

Hold that emotion for a nanosecond, because am about to spill the beans.

So because GCE students are shoved with the Internationals means that we should pay our fees in Dollars? I mean, we could easily pay the equivalent by Dinars. But noo, we have to take the sum in Jordanian Dinars, exchange them for dollars, and then give them to the bank on campus, and then the bank would transfer the sum back into dinars. Anyone spotting a flaw here? I am a Jordanian citizen, and the fact that I am in the Mowazi doesn't mean i should be treated like an International.

So I am a semi-official UJ student (With an easy number), unless i fail to get my equivalency before 1/9. How does it feel? Well, it feels great that am in the uni, not because it's the UJ. More like, it feels great to be a Uni student.

Okay, a petit confession, my happiness was focused on the fact that the Uni has a Track & Field team, cause many unis don't. I don't know if my dad actually saw me drool, when i saw the running track encircling the turf of the soccer pitch. Sports always played an integral part of my life, especially Track... the thought of running 7 laps in the sun (that's 2.8 km) makes my heart jump. The surge of adrenaline when you run, the euphoria, and sweat of achievement... they are just more than enough to brighten up my day.