Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ween Sara7ti

Life gave up its dwellers and shadows crawled silently to the unknown. Life starts with a choice, that’s what they said when the earth was spinning with unknown creatures, with unknown purposes. Flipping textbooks and scanning eyes is no common weapon, where all the life dwellers vow to be honest and sincere, only to grow into furious vultures sweeping any person in their way. Just like that life is; ironic, maybe filled with contradiction and hidden corruptions lairs.

You walk every day to your destination, holding a cup of coffee, and millions of papers packed in your bag, extra tissues, extra pens, extra sandwiches, and extra of every single thing you might not need through the day. And just when you reach your destination, you think “why am I holding all these stuff?” The conflict escalates , how come we carry an extra of every single solid thing around us, but can not carry a bit of abstract communication skills that could actually save us time. The roadblocks we put in the pathway to our heart, is like a parade of mad officers waiting for some UN advisor who may never come, because of a plane delay. This is the harsh truth; our communications skills in the Arab world are not effective starting from Taxi drivers who snap at you “I don’t have change,” and ending with car rentals that sho the young customers with “Egleb wejhak men hoon 3amo!”

Go to a car gallery wearing jeans and t-shirt, and see how no one of the car salesman would even look at you. Wear a black suit and tie and pretend to flicker with your mobile bored, and see how hordes of salesman would rush to your service. We are taught to respect the image the society drew for us of a decent man. We are respecting shallowness; we are respecting a suit and tie. I don’t think Alzheimer should be of a higher priority for our health officers right now. I believe we should cure the disease of “Shallowness”. They shouldn’t be eradicating corruption right now, but rather uprooting the concept that a man buying a Mercedes XLM7T (god knows what model), through bank loans, is a better man that one riding a Honda. Your car does not define you, your clothes do not either, and I should include the “beautiful face” factor.

Should jobs be granted to beautiful girls, and should respect be paid to the guy with the BMW? My parents were startled when I said “I want to buy a bike.”

Why a bike? You exercise everyday, for a cheap price, and you do not harm the O-zone layer, and you could use your money for a better cause. A full package for less than $200, but I won’t be a hypocrite, yes it is a dream for me to buy a car. Yes, as stunning as it may seem after all I wrote. I wish to have a huge Honda CRV with the huge space, so I may carry all sorts of equipment to the Orphanages, and aid to the refugee camps, or go to my dream café where all intellectuals are sitting in peace, enjoying a nice book discussion. And when the café is well built, I want to write my novels and sell them. Put some of the money away for my life, and use the rest to help those in Kenya and Darfur, or Cambodia. I want to adopt a child from each continent, and sit on my porch teaching them how to play the guitar, and in the night finish writing my book to help all those wanting to commit suicide. So much, so much inside of me. And I don’t say those dreams often, because right after the “equipment to Orphanages” part, my fellow friends laugh and start discussing where they want to go next Thursday. And I gaze through the café window, looking at the horizon, and I see myself in those baggy khakis break dancing, Elvis Presley’s “A little less conversation” echoing in my mind, and I spin on my head and spin, my dreams swirling endlessly, until my friend nudges me in the rib and says “Ween sara7ti.” And I reply “I was thinking about my new bike.”

P.S: if you didn’t hear the song yet, download the Elvis Presley Vs JXL version, close your eyes, and dance; even if you don’t know how, just spin and spin and see all the energy inside you waiting to be released.


Blogger Omernos said...

Shallowness is everywhere,
and I am there for you to support you with all your GOALS

I am gonna be ur good friend, hopefully...hehehehehe

8:02 AM  
Blogger Amino said...

i am here to support you with ur goals O!! Me, u to LAAAA make some movies and join dance schools hehe!!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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