Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Tawjihi Euphoria

First of all, i'd like to congragulate someone i am very proud of, my best friend and sister: Haneen.. for snatching that 93 from the hands of those greedy examiners who wanna keep the grades for their own muhahaha. She's gonna be a great writer one day, once she decides to pick that pen and write. And then, of course i wanna congragulate: Damz, Mira, Muna, Tahani, Dana, who did i miss? Well, back to the tawjihi Euphoria. We reached the brink of technology regarding our Tawjihi examinations; believe it or not, we were competing with Singapore regarding this issue, without the wireless internet of course.

The kiddos, well you know, people my age were hanging about the internet cafes, clutching to their mobiles, for the awaited judgment they were born for.

Flabbergasting isn't it? The whole panic and state we force into our lives, the way the Tawjihi exams are there to determine whether we get into college or not. Although many students who got F's in their lives, crammed the exams, and finally got a 87... a big example is my friend Tahani. Well, Tawjihi should not be a measure of what we learnt, i believe we should have entrance exams instead, you know for each major. Like, i bet a person who's good at math shouldn't be hanging in the English major and vice-versa.

So back to the topic, darn i keep on slipping into a different tangent. Well, the Tawjihi Euphoria, yes yes, technology and all.. and then the typical "Shoot Them Or Lose Them" celebration, with guns, machine guns, and even am afraid bazookas.

I mean, those who are actually shooting have sons with 50's and 55's. I mean, come on people, grow out of it. But actually, it's a good alarm, because i was relaxing in my room reading "The Northern Lights" by Philip Pullman; wondering when will i hear my friends' results, and then i heard the 'Jordanian Tawjihi Euphoria' and i lunged to call up my friends.

The question is, why why... can't they express their happiness with you know.. songs.. umm dancing whatever.

I have to admit though, when my results are out, i'll be missing the whole jazz, since no one gives a damn about A-levels, naturally. Well, I've been busy, and am still busy finalizing my short story, and i am reading of course.. a dozen of books.

Check out my book reviews blog for more information on the books i've read.

P.S: Am currently reading, His Dark Materials Trilogy, don't you just love Philip Pullman!!


Blogger Omernos said...

Nice post...

FLABBERGASTING, ISN'T IT?! 7ARAAM AMINO, hassa ur a UJ student. Shu saar feeki?!?!


tozz 3aleiki, ma troddi ya 5a2eneh! I hate u...and I am about to put them in a list. >=(

3:13 AM  
Anonymous kloude said...

golly tell me about the whole tawjihi thing...when i came to sucked up old jordan i was in tenth grade and my whole family was like 'oh yeah your sooooooooo gonna kick their butts and show them that you can go through the whole tawjihi mess'...

one semester mom decided i was too depressed to keep at the arabic system (WHOOOOO!) and she got me out of the mucked up am very much against tawjihi as you can very well see...


5:36 AM  

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