Friday, July 01, 2005

Poem Of The Week

Um.. poem of the week by the very famous poet... actually no I wish i could add that introduction, this poem is by me!!

The Law of Sigma
By Amino

By the river of shining dreams,
And the shadows of gelled trees,
Nothing of what you see is what it seems.
With your standards and idealistic sieve,
You pull the dreams like a magician embracing a rabbit,
Hopping, turning, and chuckling with no relief.
You try to corner the habit,
Trying to be a willow when all in you is pine.

Voices sift, thunder thuds, and the moon sleeps,
I stroke my hair gently, detangling the abraded vine.
I cling to courage and shatter the weeps.
I dive in oceans of enchanted enigma,
I despise deductions, reductions, and abductions…
I believe in the law sigma…

All I live for is to add a dream.
And I’ve learnt to abnegate the pursuit of diamonds and gold,
Diamonds are not forever, nor is the swimming team.
Nor is your face, nor is your faith….
I swim for as long my body can hold,
Until I grow old, cold, with ornaments of mold.
Add a dream, subtract a fear,
Seek the equal you’ll find the happiness,
Learn to appreciate what’s near,
But seek the far nonetheless,
I sought what I bought,
A life with mourning pleasures and stiff ambitions,
Take yourself lighter, you won’t be caught,
Believe in the law of sigma, detest the frivolous division.

By the river of shining dreams,
Befriend the gelled trees,
When all you see is not what it seems,
The reality of your warm blood will keep you safe,
Believe in the law of sigma,
Seek the equal…


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