Sunday, July 10, 2005

Music Freaks...

Freakish, that's for Roba.. cause i've been hearing "Over The Hills And Far Away". And i read Roba's post and i am like holy crap!! Led Zepplin, The Beatles, and Ace Of Base are must for my everyday, especially in the stressful days... "As My Guitar Weeps" keeps on spinning in my head all day. Since we're talking about music today, let's discuss peer pressure... hmm seems irrelevant huh??

You see in my school days (it sounds so far away), I used to notice how the "Musical Tastes" of my fellow friends were affected by the "Music Police". So you always hear the "Fashion Police", "Music Police" is a very simliar term with a few differences, at least when you follow some fashion you can comprehend what color you're wearing, or what kind of trousers you bought. So the cool popular girl in school loves a godforsaken band that doesn't even play their chords right, and the rest of the school follow blindly... because it's stylish to hear Avril Lavigne when you're wearing those black jelly bracelets, and it's easy to love Amr Diab when everyone seems to love him (Hey, am his biggest fan however), and it's even more great to listen to thy stylish cute guy who dances

Most of the girls were hearing what's "Hip" , rather what they really liked. I had to face a rather idiotic girl back in my days, as i was hearing Bob Marley's "Sun Is Shining", she tapped on my shoulder asking me what am hearing. And i said "Sun is shining."

Girl: "Is that a beyonce song?"
Amino: No it's Bob Marley's.
Girl: "Meen hada?"
Amino: The King Of Reggae.
Girl: Hmm, eish ya3ni?
Amino: Reggae is a music genre originating from Jamaica. :: starting to get annoyed::
Girl: Zay Sean Paul?
Amino: 3aleeki noor, bs Bob was more into the Rastafari movement.
Girl: Meen?
Amino: nevermind *sigh*
Girl: Balla ma Sean Paul gamar.
Amino: *shrugs* ahaa..

Now that's the example of the first type of Music Fashion freaks.., and i refer to them as:
It's-either-top-of-the-charts-or-nothing people!

You shouldn't be hearing what's fashionable, you should adore the music rather than listen to it passively. And you shouldn't feel bad, when someone laughs if you say you're hearing Namie Amuro, Melissa Etheridge, Within Temptation, Morcheeba, or even Rupaul!! It's your taste of music, you shouldn't be influenced by what they "Think is good".

Then there is the "Hip Hop Cool" kind of people, who laugh when you tell them you're hearing anything but Rock and Hip Hop. And even mock you if you're hearing Britney or Thalia. Okay, note to self, i can't believe i just said the B Word.. did i ever mention how much Britney gets on my nerves (her songs are o-kay however). So if you're not hearing Linkin Park or 50 Cent... then you're the biggest loser.

Now that's the example of the second type of Music Fashion Freaks... and i refer to them as:
The Obnoxious Delirious Jay-Z Wannabes.

Finally, there are those who start to judge you according to what you're hearing. so, if the singer is a drug
addict, they lecture you about his addiction, if he's ugly they preach that he's hideous. Do i care if his
great-great grandmother was a prostitute, or if people say he's dating a woman 30 years younger. Look, leave
people alone 'kay? They didn't bring their music into life so we can judge them. So these kind of people start
telling you what to hear and what not to hear, according to their sense of right and wrong, and their obligation
to save you from hell.

Now that's the example of the third type of Music Fashion Freaks... and i refer to them as:
Hear-my-music-or-be-judged people!!

Does this sound gibberish to anyone? Cause am sure at least one of you got into this situation. Music is a form of self expression, i don't think everyone will like it the same way. So live with your music...


Blogger Roba said...

LOOL! I know what you mean, most people are too affected by whats "hot" to actually be aware of whats good! I guess we share a similar music taste :)

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if we are talking about the world charts, music became global, the thing we cant deny that these top chart albums sold millions of records, and this means that they have their significant success and their fan base. Everyone goes into the phase where he loves a singer,band to death and he/she starts imitating eventually everyone gets over it, but this doesn’t make the music crappy, this is the market! there are bands whose music lives forever and is legendry, there is what is called commercial too but its funky. I know you cant listen to these songs more than twice a day , but it fits some occasions , assume you want to go dancing, believe me when the music is loud ppl are partying you’ll be the first to dance to 50 cent, but I would tell you I wouldn’t put 50 cent in my car. It really depends on the mood not the gender of the music

11:51 PM  
Blogger Nader said...

Does Arabic music count ?

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Ibrahim said...

well, i used to think exactly like you are thinking now ...
but as the "Anonymous" said i think it dpeends on the mood ... if you happened to try dancing in any club you will notice that ... you will like this kind of songs ...

but for relaxing and for you for your car for home ... noway you can listen to these songs ...

10:07 AM  
Blogger Ameen Malhas said...

But don't you guys think that "not being into 'cool' music" is also a kind of group. Much like nihilism is a belief itself.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Ameen Malhas said...

PS Download "Rihanna - Pon De Replay," my current song of the week, will be on my blog later on today.

PPS I still live and die for Pearl Jam, Hendrix, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and so many more, but I'll admit I'm an occasional sucker for Top 40.

1:37 PM  
Blogger bloggerpost said...

What's up with all theese crappy posts lately? I have a music download program site that pretty much covers the same type of stuff, and it's all junked up too.

7:29 AM  
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