Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Attacks...


Maybe that's the common keyword, 9/11 or the Madrid attacks, and now the London Attacks. Anyone familiar with the "Kyoto Protocol", the famous amendment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, may connect the dots and find the peculiar relation between investors, global warming, oil, and the G8 summit.

The Kyoto Protocol simply obliges the countries who ratified to reduce their levels of the greenhouse gases by %5 compared to the 1990 levels. The United States of America, the largest emitter of the greenhouse gases did not ratify this Protocol. Why? Simply because the implications of such a protocol needs a Hercules Budget to reduce the emissions from their Weapons Factories, and other factories. So why does did Bush and his government condemn earth, because simply a board of zillionaire investors pressure the government, yes believe it or not. You wanna us to install filters, go ahead Mr. Bush, we're not wasting our money, let your government do it.

And here the government screams, since their social security system is about to declare it's bankrupty by 2015. Not enough money? The economy still suffering from the 9/11, and the money wells they expected to find in the Iraqi's Oil didn't show up as they expected. And in the very same day where Bush comes up in the G8 summit to announce his country's decision to the Kyoto Protocol remains unchanged, a chain of seven attacks hit London. And pay attention to the "Seven" number, because the human mind thinks logically, they'll think.. The G8.. and seven attacks, holy crap this organized, there must be the 8th final attack. The people panic, the news agencies are busy with the seven attacks, and no one reads on the Google News how Mr. Bush the knight in shining armor refused the Protocol yet again, possibly terminating the future of earth. But what the heck? He's not gonna live to suffer anyway, the new generation will. And everyone will gluw it to Al-Qaeda, since gullible creatures could link that to the fact that the G8 is a summit fighting terrorism, and they decided to take revenge. Yes, people sadly... this is my own opinion that may be wrong. But Terrorism my friend is an overused explanation for our money's greed. We shall parish, and money will not save us.


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