Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Hope You Dance...

A dear friend of mine wrote a letter for me before travelling, which made me ponder a lot of things in life. She wrote me something so true "Life will go on, we may never meet again, but i want you to know that you'll always be someone special to my heart." Yes, that was the kind of thing i wanna hear, not the whole "You'll be my friend forever and ever" crap. And in the end she included a note "I'll be buying your books." A very short note of love, friendship, and faith. Her seven sentences letter made me feel special, and happy because we were both realistic.

People change at this stage of life, you will lose friends, gain friends, travel to new places, and have new experiences. And i'd be lying to you if i say am not annoyed by all this, part of me still wants to stay with my childhood friends forever. But this is life. And yes, most of us are scattered now in different places in the globe to pursue their goals - and we may never meet again. But am sure one day, i'll meet a person and i'd say "You have the same smile of a friend i had". They'll always be in our hearts, cause it's not just a "phase" it's an entity of what makes us the person we are now.

For all those friends i am gonna miss, I wish you all luck in life, and hope you'll always remember me like last time we met. I hope if we meet again, you'll still see me in the same energy, strength, and character. I rewind the tape of our graduation, and I may seem angry with all the ceremony, but that "I Hope You Dance." song will be forever in my heart as long as i live, my eyes are almost teary when i hear it, remembering all the memories we had. Remembering the classes, the teachers, the fights, the hangouts, the pranks, and the punishments. I can't get any more sentimental than this, but to the class of 2005, I say to you "I hope you dance."


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