Friday, July 01, 2005

Humor Me :: Weekly Section ::

Another unique story of "Jordanianism"!! Ever met anyone with the "I know you"
syndrome, well in case you didn't let me share my very unique experience with
those "Knowisms". You see, you meet someone who barely knows you, or perhaps is a
distant acquaintance you met through your friends connection. You are sitting in a
group enjoying a silly discussions the ones you have under the influence (since
you're dizzy with all the hubbly bubblies around)and then (as usual) the
unpredictable happens, that person speaks up and analyzes your opinion in relation
to your personality, and then adds "I know you amino". You can imagine my shock
when someone i barely know.. goes on like this.

Amino: no really am okay, am just feeling dizzy from the smoke.
Knowism: I know you're sad and depressed.
Amino: no am not
Knowism: look, i can see it in your eyes, you are trying to hide it but it's not
Amino: huh?
Knowism: Suppressing feelings only leads to *knowism continues to ramble as a
certified shrink although the qualifications on his CV differs*
Amino: am not suppressing anything, am just dizzy from the smoke.
Knowism: i know you amino, you can trust me.
Amino: Uhh.
*40 Minutes Later*

Knowism: Look you should eat meat. You just had a bad experience akeed, you'll get
out of this phase as soon as you change this attitude you have, you love meat deep
down inside you. You have to eat meat, and i am sure you will stop being a
vegetarian, and remember when that happens to say Knowism was right.

Okay... PAAAUUUSE, what the **** just happened here? We don't know each other, and
the person is already starting with "I know you." And then giving me advice about
my life, and then trying to convince me with something i am not. Who on earth gave
you the idea that "Am denying my love for meat". Who on earth gave you the idea
that am Anti-meat, and finally who on earth asked for your opinion?

Now, here are a few tips for eradicating the "Knowism" syndrome:

a) You can not possibly know a person you've met twice.
b) You should not interfer in someone's life, no matter how itchy your skin gets,
and the desire for an on-spot advice.
c) No matter how right you think you are, shut up!!
Now, maybe Knowisms exist abroad, but am only gonna comment on the ones i've met.
Whenever, you're speaking about any other soul except you, there is a %70 that
you're wrong. That's why... we have different names people. We really need to work

on our definitions of "Privacy" and "Red Line"


Blogger jameed said...

Tayyeb why are so mad? I know you, something is bugging you mish heik? yalla just eat you "poissons" and you will be fine.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Amino said...

hehe ta7sheesh jameed!

7:38 AM  
Anonymous kloude said...

hmmm i completely agree i hate those 'i know you' pplz they get on my nerves...

5:08 AM  

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