Sunday, July 24, 2005

Coming Out

You were probably associating my title, to the closet part. Actually, today am coming out not from the closet, but from the cave of dreams i've been living in. Believe it or not, I've realized am a sheltered kid, with no sense of what's going on.
I go to sign up for the university, excited and stocked with hope. And as am shipped off from office to office, like i was some damaged commodity, I begin to worry... that my image of University isn't the real one.Turns out the admission process for people with GCE/IB/Etc.. is a simple process of getting back on "The invisible enemy". Okay, you're confused, but read on. Okay, here's a quick pop quiz.
  • In what university in the world, is anyone accepted into English Literature and Language, without prior knowledge of English.
  • In what university in the world, a person who gets straight A's in English is rejected, and someone who barely forms sentences is accepted.
  • In what university in the world, a person who is good at Maths is shipped into the English major.
And even more outrageous...
  • In what university in the world, a person with an 88 average, list of extracurricular activities, five international awards is "Not Good Enough".... while a person with a 65 average, with nothing whatsoever is "Good Enough" just because he's taking the Jordanian Tawjihi?
So i freaked out, and am telling the registration officer, that I've been writing all my life, am winning awards, have published poems, and am currently publishing short stories, not to mention that ever since 1st grade I had one of the highest english averages in my year.You know what he answered? He said, "Tab 3amo, ma damek bte3rafi english basics, laish ma todrosi ishi ma btet3arafeeh?" - translation: since you know the English basics, why don't you study something you know nothing about?

What? Are you kidding me? Are you mocking my sense of right and wrong? Is it just me, or as far as i can remember, that University is the higher form of learning. English basics? You want some student of yours, to walk around with an English BA; happy with his knowledge of 'English Basics', just like a hardworking student on the other side of the world with the same qualification studied 'The real University English'? So, what if he decides to pursue an education career? Just go on passing the basics to his students? And if god forbid, he decides to work on his MA abroad, he'll go to realize that he's different from any BA holder in that campus?
How come we don't have Language proficiency tests?
Yes people, am sheltered, and let's discuss the "Invisible Enemy". You see when we go to sign up, holding your GCE/IB certificate, it's like you're asking them to label you as 'Spoiled, Rich, who care about nothing.' And just because the A-levels we took, are what 2nd year university students take we're condemned and fought.
So, am not admitted into the normal stream because "I have money?", the reg. officers shift us through seven useless hours so in the end they tell us "Roo7o Mowazi?"
Now tell me, why should a person with less qualification than me get my rightful spot. Why? Because i have money? We don't buy our grades you know? We worked hard for them, we did twice as work, and we are punished for that.

And then there is the other factor, since you're good enough why don't you go abroad? What if i can't? What if i don't want to? So people assume that because we took A-levels that our parents are filthy rich and then can send anywhere. They assume because we took A-levels any university abroad is gonna accept us, and grant us scholarships. Why do they hate us so much? Why do they treat us like the enemy? Because our parents worked double shifts all through their lives, to provide us with good education? Why do some people detest us so much? So many questions, but I'll tell you something, most parents aren't born rich, and they worked hard for it. And those people controlling our university destiny, they think our parents woke up one day and the sky was raining with money. You know if i was not good enough, i wouldn't be bothered, but the university should be for the best. It should be for serious people who worked hard for it all their lives. So i came out of the cave, the moment that officer told me an even worse statement, "Most people in the GCE, complain that they're wasting their time in the English Department and that it's too easy, so study something else."
Right, am supposed to give up my passion just because you admitting the wrong people into the wrong faculty, and teaching them the wrong courses, for their supposed level. Well, you know what, i don't give a damn which university takes me, all i know is that I'll be working on my English on my own. Cause when i wanna say I've got an English BA, and i wish to apply for my MA, I want to be in the right level at the right place.


Blogger Laith said...

Amino... do you have "wasta"? hehe that may solve a lot of problems.
I agree with what you are saying, till now i do not comprehend how our higher education system works, and it never made any sense to me that because you didn't get a certain grade you can't pursue your dreams. I understand it when we talk about majors such as medcine and architecture and such, but why not then have proficiency tests?

1:06 PM  
Blogger Jad said...

proficiency test? well this should be applied to filter university from idiots profs, then it can be applied on new students.

Else those idiots street rated profs will affect the good students.

Anyway, Actually I'm with having two profession, one as a hobbyist X but professional level, and the other with BA/MA degree.
When you graduate you will find yourself coming out of a cave called univesity and you will have to face shitty life
it's just the start, and here is a kickstart for your uni life

2:30 PM  
Blogger Roba said...

Aww poor Amino! We all had to go through this, it's not much better once you get past the registration, but it'll be fine. My brother Hisham registered today too, and as he has IBs, they also gave him a hard time! They're absolutely terrible with that..
I had similar problems too, I graduated with an American highschool diploma(SATs), and I did really well at highschool.. So when I gave the 3amo(white haired guy) the form with fine arts as the intended "ta'7asos", he pushed it back to me and was like "sorry, you're average is too high, we can't let you study arts, why don't you do medicine? If you don't want to, then at least do architecture". AHH! That was only resolved after my dad stepped in and had a "talk" with the guy..
We need a million years before we understand the essence of education.

2:58 PM  
Blogger Roba said...

so amino are you going to come to the meet up?

2:59 PM  
Blogger nasimjo© said...

Dear Amino, (sorry I dunno your real name)

I know this email might be a bit late, but this is due to my busi-ness & laziness in reading Jordan Planet with all this work on my head!
(it's just that i read it when i get tiered of every1 & everything in this life, so usually each & every 4-5 days I download all the Jordan Planet pages that i missed & Feed from my fav blogs,,, & Start READING!) soo ,, you've got to excuse me for having a late reply!

I've carefully read your "Coming Out" post , a coupla times even..

sorry all what happened to you but this was 100% expected as you went to UJ!
every1 here in Jordan have this madness about UJ whilst it's just a fake name, with a fake community & bad quality of academic service.
& yes I am generalizing in here, there's no single major in UJ that is ranking 1st in Jordan. from Medicine to IT to even Religious studies (maybe they're good in those Italian English majors or so!! in addition to the fine arts,,, mainly the unique Majors!)

anyway, I'm suggesting my Hashemite University to you (I can just see your facial expression now!) , but , a word to be said, the English Literature department here is a very good and active one (or that's at least how i see it from my "outsider" point of view),,,, a cool thing that exists in here is also that they have a major called (Cultural Studies) that is part of the English Literature dep, being just 3 years old, & having very dumb school students that dont know or dont even care what the heck is this, this major is still not popular & thru out the past 3 years tawjihi students down to the grades of 76-79 where accepted in it.

Now you even had a bad start, cause you can do nothing by going to the admission department at the UJ, the right way goes by the same procedure your tawjihi graduated sister goes thru, Getting the Application form of what is called ((Hai2at al Qbool el Mua7ad)) from the post office & putting your choice, differing in your case that u'll shadow your kind of diploma instead of selecting the “Jordanian Sec Diploma (Tawjihi)” option. & putting your list of preference of 30 subjects.

Now in case your adding HU to the list, it's logically better to right the “English Literature” before “Cultural Studies” in the list of preferences, since you'll be more likely able to get down with the hierarchy than going up in case you wanna shift between majors, but I personally think that the “Cultural Studies” major is the one “Just Made For You”.
i'll be giving you a hand to reach your objective, as for your expected “Why?” question (mentioning your excessiveness in using it in one of your days posts ;) ... not because i know you or you are a friend; cause I dont know you even, not because you are part of Jordan Planet even, but because I'm a Man that fights in a long endless war with the community as well as with my self to achieve evolution & knowledge for the community & take my self always to the next step positioned in the next aimed level in what i call (My Life Queue “or Buffer!”)... Thus, I appreciate each and every person that's fighting for the same objective from his/her part of the “view” in his/her own format.

I liked the ambition in you, but remember that ambitions need a little bit or respect! That is positivity :)
wish you all the luck, ill be telling the profs at the English dep at my uni about you since many of them turned being my friends just from the English Uni-compulsory courses i took with them, ill be telling you if any updates occur. But you go that way i told you already....

& hey not forgetting to mention, HU always declares extra seats after the distribution of seats thru (Hai2at al Qbool el Mua7ad) come out.
See!! so many chances, with appreciation of creativity,,, hell with UJ ;)
hehe, wish you all the luck & hope this comment wont be that late! (I hope I could email u but i dont hv ur email!)

2:20 AM  

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