Monday, June 27, 2005

Smile! You've been "OC"eed!!

Here's the thing, french class is tough, and i gotta do my homework *gasp gasp*. Can you imagine am actually saying it? Twelve years of school, and now they tell me "there is homework again!!" I thought that stage was over, so anyway i finished my class and i went to my dad's office, passed by the bookstore to get the latest issue of On Campus. It's one of my favorite magazines, i even like it better than the foriegn ones for two reasons:

a) It's written by people who are living my kind of life.
b) It's not packed with How-To Articles that don't even apply in jordan.

I sent a submission today, won't it be cool if i became in the team of my favorite magazine... am so enthusiastic now. For those who don't know OC, grab a copy from any bookstore/supermarket and pray for me (trust me it won't let you down). Why pay to buy smash hits, when you can buy a jordanian all in one package.


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