Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sick and Tired

Woke up late, as usual, but this time i have an excuse: am sick. I've been sleeping 24/7, like i've got necrolepsy or something. I dreamt that i have a horse buddy imagine!! And may i just say: he's the cutest, always hungry --> which supports the "Eating Like a Horse" simile. I've got to finish my work!! Yes, Yes i know this sounds weird, but a 17 year old can have work to do other than chatting and surfing the web. I gotta work with Gabrielle (that's my character), we need to finish the story before september!! You know deadlines are killers. Also, am gonna work on my new adventure game propsal, sounds lame huh? Well, I believe i've played ever singly adventure game on market, starting from Monkey Island and ending with the very disappointing Scarpland (which should be named Crapland). Maybe it's time for me to try?


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