Thursday, June 23, 2005

Humor Me People

:: This is my weekly Humor Me section one of five sections i will post on weekly basis, here i will post vivid experiences of my existance... which mainly cause me to stand back and say "Wow... did i say humor me people?"

I tend to experience a unique story of "Jordanianism" every sunday, or must i say "Arabicism". What am talking about, isn't a question of civility or being a third world country. But first let me dispense this piece of advice to all arabic people reading this :: Ismha Maktabeh mish gahweh :: - Library is not equal to cafe!! So I visit the British Council every sunday, carrying my two books and two videos that i got last week, i enter with a huge smile on my face - ahh nothing like the joy of books. I go to my favorite section, and am scanning the shelves and then the unpredicted happens: i hear people talking. And i don't mean by talking, like whispering, i mean like normal talking with the very same tone you use sitting in a cafe or in a club. I don't know why everytime this happens, i find this unpredictable, i mean.. here are a few notes:

a) You don't talk in a library.
b) You don't eat Flafel Sandwiches.
c) You don't stand in the middle of aisle gazing at the sky daydreaming, people need to pass and check the books.
d) You don't use mobiles.
e) You take a number and wait in line.

Now, a lot may think i am bashing my existance as an Arab. But the surprising fact, that never in my whole life in any library did i see anyone other than Arabs and Ukranians talking - and the Ukranian ladies tend to have high pitched tones as a bonus. Is it too much to ask? We really need to work on our definitions of libraries!!


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