Friday, June 24, 2005


I feel so unproductive today, since am still sick, and i can't concentrate. I have to finish my short story... it's just so confusing...

a) How will they escape.
b) Which ending should i use

You see i've written two endings and i don't know which one to use.

c) I am annoyed by the fact that my friend told me "You're using hebrew references."

Okay let's get this straight: hebrews are not our enemies, we are not fighting religion, we are fighting those who took our land. And anyho no one accepts my point of view, that they should try to settle down, and reach an agreement and end the bloodshed for two reasons:

a) The Isralis won't leave Palestine.
b) The Palestinians won't leave either.

So by common sense: TRY TO LIVE TOGETHER!!


Blogger Nas said...

lol @ "try to live together". compromise is not a remedy for injustice.

as for hebrews. zionism as an ideology is the enemy at hand and not the religion, however at the hands of the latter both religion and ideology have been forced to entwine

4:52 AM  

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