Thursday, June 23, 2005

Amino What?

- So let's set the record straight... They call me Amino and here are some things to watch out for:

a) No am not a guy (god only knows why people feel "Amino" is a guyish name). So let's stress on the Female aspect.

b) I like being called Amino, yet guys, i got sick of the typical joke/comment/i am trying to be a comedian
X: "Amino?"...
Me: aha..
X: what like Amino Acids *chuckle*.
Me: Yeah, very funny, you amuse me, you rock my world!! *frown*

c) Am not exactly a big fan of biology, although ironically related to Amino acids. Before you start laughing, i got this name while being in a biology class, and all i knew was "Amino Acids" and of course the "Cell". I dropped Biology in 10th grade, and lived happily ever after, although i still love being called "Amino" cause it's funky!!

d) Is it you real name? okay refer to the previous line!! I prefer my newly acquired name "Amino", and i intend in the near future to propose that children should be able to pick their names themselves, nevertheless people, my real name is close enough.. if you rearrange it and add an "O" you'll get "Amino" aka my current used name.

- So.. what do i do? I am waiting to get in college, and am a writer... :: here comes the typical cynical face ::

Yes people, a writer!! I know i know, all this "But you're young" blah blah. But as a matter of fact, I am a published poet.. my poems were published in 3 different anthologies, i've been nominated for Poet Of the Year 2004, Poet Of the Year 2005, and entered into the Poetry's whose Who Edition. So people.. get a life okay? You see it's not about the age, it's about having a goal and trying to reach it!!

For additional information: visit

- So are you usually that snobish?
No, am the sweetest person on the face of earth. Okay, okay, don't think am arrogant or something.. but here's a fact i've learned: you are not any different from Tom Cruise, Einstein, or even Angelina Jolie... they're all human. The only difference is: you look at the stars, they jumped out of the window to grab them, yes they could've fell into the garden, but some defied the first law of aerodynamics and gravity. You see, am gonna be a writer... watch me :)

- Do you have any hobbies other than writing/reading?

Um, am a guitarist, and athlete (Track and Field to be specific). I love dancing (yep don't panic, i may be a jordanian girl, but we don't live in tents anymore you know?), and finally i love designing/inventing stuff.

- How old are you?
Am almost 18.. and technically since am the youngest in the Class of 2005, when they're gonna be 50 am gonna be 49!! You see being born in December has advantages other than witnessing X-mas!

- Where do you live?

Amman, Jordan.

- What do you wanna study?

English Literature and Language, or perhaps Languages.

- So how many language you speak/learn now?
English, Arabic, French (not fluent), and Latin (i am learning on my own)

So i guess that's the best introduction i can give about myself!! Don't you just love blogs?!



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